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5 reasons why working from home might not be a good idea

Published on 11 Nov 2017

Working from home might sound like heaven, however it might not take long before your productivity and motivation starts to fade.

Below are 5 reasons why working from home may not be best for your small business:

1. Separating home life from work life - working from home can make it challenging to differentiate between home and work. This is because of the lack of physical separation between the office and home. Without a clear distinction, it can be hard to resist distractions such as household chores, Netflix or too many naps on the couch!

2. Motivation – Only the very dedicated can make working from home a success. A high level of self-discipline is required to maintain productivity. Working from home can have the benefit of limiting distractions that can occur in an office environment, however it brings new distractions as outlined at item 1 above.

3. Social – Isolation from the social aspects of an office can have a negative impact on your work and mental health. Working from home can make it harder to keep in regular contact with people.

4. Ideas – innovation and motivation can come from a quick chat in the hall or kitchen with a co-worker or casual conversations in the coffee shop.

5. Networking - Networking allows you to meet potential clients and generate new ideas and leads. Many businesses have started at home (or in a garage), however I haven’t heard of many that have grown and prospered by staying in a home office.

In summary having your own space or being close to home comforts can be great in the short term, however for growing your business it may not be ideal.