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7 Simple Tips to Improve your Office

Published on 18 Jun 2017

We have put together a list of 7 simple changes that you can make to your office which can have an impact on your productivity.

1. Clutter

It is important to make sure that your office is clean and free from clutter. Having clutter in your office does not help focus and productivity.

2. Lighting

This is one of the most important factors in staying focussed and feeling inspired. However, it is one of the most overlooked factors in offices. Bad lighting in your office can cause headaches, fatigue, eyestrain and irritability. 

3. Chair

As many of us are sitting in our office for most of our day, it is essential that your chair is the right fit.

Consider these quick checks:

  • Your eyes should be 60-90 centimetres from your screen and the top of your monitor should be below or at eye-level.
  • Your feet should be on a foot rest or resting level on the floor.
  • A slightly reclined chair posture is recommended by experts to reduce pressure on your spine and help minimize lower back pain.

4. Colours

Colours have an effect on our moods and brain function so it is important to choose the right colours for your office. For example, some studies have shown that blue can help productivity. However, it is important to remember that too much of anything can be overwhelming, even colour.

5. Temperature

Most offices keep their temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees, however it turns out that this might not be good for productivity. Whilst everyone is different when it comes to temperatures, warmer rooms can help improve productivity.

6. Food

Our brain needs nourishment to keep going throughout the working day. You can let a rumbling stomach go on for only so long before the brain shuts down. Having regular breaks for snacking (healthy foods only - of course!) will help you remain focussed and productive.

7. Noise

The noise level in a work environment can vary greatly depending on the size of the team you work with, the office design and the culture of the company. However, the noise levels that surround you will affect your ability to stay on task. Not only can it be distracting, it can also raise stress levels making your ability to sustain productivity far more difficult.

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