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Meeting Etiquette Tips

Published on 01 Jul 2017

How you present and conduct yourself at a meeting, whether it is a staff, team or client meeting is very important. Below are some simple yet very important etiquette tips for meetings:

  1. Timeliness - Arriving on time and being ready for a meeting shows respect for other people's time. Why not go one step further and arrive 5 minutes early so you are prepared for the meeting to start.
  2. Preparation - The meeting organiser should distribute an agenda in good time before the meeting. Participants should be prepared and ready to speak to the agenda items.
  3. Turn off - phones should be on silent, out of sight and out of mind.
  4. Positivity - A meeting should start on a positive note and participants should be attentive and engaged. 
  5. Listen - Meetings are not just a chance for you to talk, it is just as important to listen when others are speaking. 
  6. Eating and drinking - You should eat or drink prior to your meeting (unless it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting). Being hungry or thirsty can affect your mood and contribution to the meeting. Depending on the type and time of the meeting it might be ok to bring a coffee (ie a mid morning team meeting).
  7. Habits - We all have nervous habits, however try not to distract others by mindlessly tapping a pen or drumming your fingers on the table. Such actions can make you appear nervous or bored.
  8. Follow through - make sure that you take good note of action items going forward to ensure that they are followed through.
  9. Be polite - Don't interrupt when others are speaking and always be polite.
  10. Thank you - Lastly but very importantly, thank the organiser and attendees at the meeting.

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