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Resume tips for 2017

Published on 27 Jan 2017

You should regularly review and update your resume as your dream job may be just around the corner. Below are tips for updating your resume.

Executive Summary

You should ensure that your resume includes an up to date executive summary (between 40 and 60 words) that gives the reader an overview of your skills.


Your resume should be no more than three pages. Keep previous job descriptions brief and to the point. If you have been in the workforce for a number of years then you don't really need to include the paper round you may have done when 12 years old!


Whilst it may seem trivial, fonts are actually important as they convey style and can give a good (or bad) overall impression of your resume. It is best to use simple fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (our favourite). The size should be no smaller than 11 points. 12 is the standard but some fonts look big in 12 point and small in 11 point. Headings should be a bigger font (but no greater than 36 points).


Whilst there are many ways to set out your resume, the accepted format (to be laid out in the following order):

1. Contact details

2. Work experience (start with most recent to least recent)

3. References

Depending on the job you are applying for you may like to add links to your websites, videos or blog posts that show your experience in a particular area.

What not to do

Do not lie or pad out your resume. This includes falsifying qualifications and inflating responsibilities in previous jobs. As our parents told us time and time again honesty is the best policy. Landing a job on false pretences will often lead to tears and end badly for all involved.

Cover Letter

When applying for a job, your resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter that is tailored to the position that you are applying for. The letter should be persuasive and outline why you deserve the job that you are applying for.

If you would like any assistance in polishing your resume, we provide a professional service that will get your resume into tip top shape, we can also assist with the drafting of your covering letter. You can call us on 6332 9300 or use our online Contact Us form –