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Your office service providers

Published on 25 Feb 2018

In life we often need the services of people with skills we don’t have - doctors, physiotherapists and surgeons. The same goes for office life - cleaners, air conditioning mechanics, and handymen. These people are experts – in keeping you alive or keeping your office in tip top shape.

Have you noticed that your office service providers aren’t very friendly; you hear a sigh at the end of the phone when you call; they don’t turn up when they say they will and you don’t think they even like coming to your office?

If you are nodding your head, ask yourself this – do you know their name (their actual name, not some office nickname), when was the last time you asked them how their day was, did you thank them (paying their invoice isn’t thanks), were they greeted the same way an important customer or client is greeted? If you are now shaking your head, maybe the cause is you!

Here are 5 ways to improve and grow your relationship with your service providers:

1. Respect – it goes without saying but often it is not the case. Just because we are working in an office and wearing a suit does not make us any better than the person cleaning our bathrooms – remember that.

2. A fair price for service - businesses are renowned for screwing down price on service providers to save a few dollars. But in the end it will cost you more. A rubbish collector isn’t going to take that one bag of rubbish that won’t fit in the bin if they know you’ve been stingy. They either won’t do it or will charge you extra. Pay what is fair and reasonable and even above, you will get that back plus more over time.

3. Take an interest – don’t annoy the handyman by asking 100 questions but take the time to ask how their day is going, remember their name and start to build a relationship bit by bit.

4. Reasonable expectations – your service provider is not sitting waiting for your call so demanding they come to fix your issue straight away is not a good way to get them to turn up! Explain the issue, address the urgency and ask when they can attend – taking this approach (which is also respect) will go a long way to them turning up when they say and even before. And if they can’t meet your timeframe, being reasonable will often see them point you in the right direction of another provider who can help – they may even arrange it for you.

5. Payment – pay their invoice on time. If they have met or exceeded your expectations, pay it early. If you are not happy, address it. Don’t ignore the issue and their invoice. Prompt payment will go a long way towards prompt service.

It is not hard to make sure your office is at the top of your service providers list and not the bottom. The benefits of valuable office service providers - you just can’t put a price on that!